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Letter from Rev Debra

The joy of new life

Nature laughs in May

Life pulses with green shoots

New life ‘may’ spring all around us”

May is a vibrant month, and it is sometimes called Mary Month. It is a celebration month for new life, a month when nature really begins to flourish. Bedding plants are ready to be planted in the soil. Blossom trees are heavy with flowers and new baby lambs can be seen in the fields. New life is in evidence, springing up all around us. What a joy is the world God created for us.

I am the Lord who made all things. I alone stretched out the heavens. By myself I made the earth and everything in it.” (Isaiah ch. 44 v. 24). It is our job to cultivate and protect it. God gave us that responsibility at the very beginning of time. It is also our job to help grow and cultivate the faith of other people around us, to sow the seeds of faith and share the good news of the Gospel to everyone we meet along the way.

As the evenings are getting lighter and the weather a little milder, more people are getting out and about. Take the opportunity to stop and chat. Invite people to church or to our monthly Coffee, Tea and Chat afternoons – see back page for details. Just as we will be feeding and watering any plants to encourage them to grow, we also need to feed other people so that their faith can grow.

The month of May ends on the 31st with the festival day called The Visitation. It’s a day when we remember the visit of the “just” pregnant Mary to her cousin Elizabeth. Hence May is sometimes called Mary Month. It is a celebration of the new life that was to come, a life that we know was so very special. It is too early to even think about Christmas, but never too early to celebrate new life and especially the new life that people encounter when they accept Jesus as their Saviour.

Best wishes and Blessings,

Reverend Debra


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