One of my hobbies is photography, and I encouraged some folk in our congregation to join hands for this picture. 

We are a church that takes seriously the stories in the Bible and how important they are for drawing people together. 

One story I love is ‘The Good Samaritan’ – about a man who comes alongside someone, who happens to be of another religion and culture, and attends to him because he has been beaten up.  This is a story about breaking down barriers - which can sadly cause hurt, harm, bitterness and disunity. 

Jesus wants the lawyer (who asks about who should be his ‘neighbour’) to see in the story that being a neighbour is about serving those around you. 


At St John’s we are committed to serving the wider community in Flixton. We are neighbours together. And we believe that by entering into a relationship with God, we are enabled to be more like Him day by day. 


There may be differences, but joining hands and having our hope set before us in Jesus can make for unity and bring love for one another.

The Rev Peter Thorn