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Services are suspended at St John's for the time being, but we're making available prayers, a message and other ideas to help you come close to God if you're staying in at home.

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St John's Pre-School, as a provider of early years childcare by persons registered on the Early Years Register under Part 3 of the Childcare Act 2006, is opening again from Monday 8th June. No other community activities are permitted in the church hall at present, and no one, except authorised Pre-School staff and a few church officers and cleaners, is allowed to enter the premises. The Pre-School has as many children already registered as are appropriate for the present time, but if parents would like to discuss entry from September onwards, please contact Emily on 07432 088 539.



At St John's we do not ask people outside the church to help with our expenses as a church, believing that our own members' giving should enable us to 'pay our way' (though friends and visitors do make donations from time to time), and our Church Council has reaffirmed its longstanding policy that we will give away, this year as in any other, one tenth of our total donation income to Christian and charitable work outside our own. We believe in a generous God who will care for us if we are generous too.   

In addition, right now we are having a special collection which will form the basis for an extra donation by us to a Christian charity or charities working with those in need because of the coronavirus, at home and/or abroad. This is primarily an appeal to our own church members, but anyone is welcome to join in by using the red button on our Home Page - click here to go to it.   



Our four-part study course called 'Getting to know the Bible' is available online, in a form to follow at home, with direct links to the 'Bible Project' videos we have used. You could catch up if you haven't seen them all, or start at the beginning if you haven't tried them yet! 

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