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A message from the Rev Rodney Green:

As we go into a New Year, what expectations do you have?

Whatever is ahead, we need to have our focus on Jesus Christ, whom we can trust completely. Let the love of Christ be wrapped around you, to bring warmth and comfort like a dressing gown on a winter’s evening. Be open to the light of God, who brings deep healing into our hearts.

The New Year can be a new start, a new door to walk through – but Jesus walks with us always, living in our hearts. Walk with Him, with a heart of expectation to see what God can do in your life, and let’s all see how we can help others by being God’s servant people here.

Take a look at Psalm 27, as we go into 2020. It says: ‘The Lord is my guide and my hope’. In the past year there have been occasions to share in happy events, and also we have said a temporary goodbye to those who were called to glory.  Let Jesus be our guide in every aspect of life, as He is our hope of a welcome for all who trust Him in heaven.

What are your expectations this coming year? It will no doubt bring  changes in all our lives, but we go with the Lord as our guide and hope.