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A history of St John's Church, Flixton, and a short description of the church building

St John’s began as a ‘mission church’ in 1930 and the former church is now the church hall, used by a number of community groups. In 1968 a modern church was built to serve the newly-formed parish. It was a radical design for its time, with plain steel girders and brick walls that form the basic structure.  The square ground-plan allows us to have a large worship area with comfortable chairs, which can be moved for different kinds of services and events. In each corner of the square is a slate ‘cornerstone’, representing:


The 'Fish' cornerstone  The Fish -  which symbolises Christian faith (the sign of a fish was used in biblical times to share faith in Jesus as Saviour)


The 'Dove' cornerstone  The Dove – which symbolises the Holy Spirit of God, who draws us to Himself to be more like Him; to share love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control


The 'Chalice' cornerstone  The Chalice – which is near to the Communion Table, where we break bread and share wine together, an act commanded by Jesus long ago. We share his life of commitment to God and one another through the Holy Communion Service.


The 'Alpha and Omega' cornerstone  Alpha and Omega (Greek letters) – which are near the door to the Memorial Garden. Alpha and Omega represent the beginning and ending of faith, and the assurance that Christ is with us throughout our whole lives.


The installation of a modern reredos allows us to use a projection screen for video clips and interactive services of worship. The covered walkway linking church and hall provides access to toilet and kitchen facilities in the church hall.







St John's church hall, exterior and interior


Watch an audio-visual presentation of the building of St John's church 50 years ago, with commentary by Jonathan Coupe, Mayor of Trafford 2017-18, and excerpts from a sermon by the Rev Fred Cooke, first vicar of St John's.          

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