'Getting to know the Bible': summary of the study material -1


Session 1: What is the Bible?

Objective of the course: to help us get a fuller picture of the Bible and its message, using group discussion-and-feedback, plus some 5-minute videos from ‘The Bible Project’ in each session.

The questions are not designed to have ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ answers, but to get us thinking, so that we will find the videos help us work things out for ourselves.



  •  How often do you read the Bible?
  •  Do you ever study it, on your own or with other people, as a regular thing?
  • Have you always followed this sort of pattern?
  • Do you use a reading scheme or any sort of guide or notes?
  • Have you ever tried to read it all through?
  • What do you find easy/hard about reading and understanding it?


NOW WATCH VIDEO ‘WHAT IS THE BIBLE?’ (https://bibleproject.com/videos/what-is-bible/(then press the 'Back' arrow)



  • Did the Bible help you in your journey to faith in Jesus?  How?
  • Does the Bible help you live as a Christian now?  How?


NOW WATCH VIDEO ‘THE STORY OF THE BIBLE’ (https://bibleproject.com/videos/the-story-of-the-bible/ (then press the 'Back' arrow)



  • How would you sum up what being a Christian is, in six words or less?
  • How does getting to know the Bible help us as Christians?