ONLINE CHURCH: Links to look at

You may find these resources are useful to provide online worship, teaching, study materials and encouragement generally:


  • A 9am Sunday service from the Church of England livestreamed on YouTube: click here.


There are over 1,000 Church of England sources of 'live' worship on Sundays available: these are just a few from the north west of England:


  • Holy Trinity Platt is livestreaming on YouTube on Sundays at 10.30am - click here


  • Online videos and a 10.30am livestream service on Sundays by the Rev Mark Pickett of St James Church, Clitheroe - click here


  • The Rev Ross Garner of the Eccles team ministry hosts an online Sunday service from his rectory - click here


NB We're urged to use 'An Act of Spiritual Communion' if following an on-screen celebration of Holy Communion - to do so, click here


  • The Keswick Convention went online this year as 'Virtually Keswick', with teaching, Bible exposition, celebrations, and children's and youth feeds. The morning Bible readings were from the Psalms, and they and the seminars were all on the theme of 'hope' - click here to find the website or here to access everything on YouTube: you can watch whenever you choose on both platforms.


  • Content from the online Spring Harvest 2020 is still available on YouTube - to access the videos, click here


  • The Bible Project offers a whole series of animated videos on different books and themes of the Bible - you have to sign up but that's easy: click here and go to the grey banner at the top of the website page


  • 'The Message' have a week of videos aimed at younger people under the title of 'Message Live' Click here to find the introduction page.


  • The 'Christianity Explored' course - an introduction to the Christian faith by Rico Tice of All Souls' Church, Langham Place (the one next to the BBC), with hours of thought-provoking films and talks, is now available totally free of charge - click here - or start watching them on YouTube - click here
  • There's also a series called 'Life Explored' (click here) and one called 'Discipleship Explored' (click here), also available free of charge on YouTube until 31st August 2020.


  • Try the videos available from 'Christian Vision' - click here - you will have to register, but it's pretty easy. 


  • How to get the Church of England 'Daily Prayer' app on your phone - click here


  •  A Christian-based website, 'Loss and Hope' has been developed to help us all to be able to support those who are bereaved. To find it, click here